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"Thank You" for your interest in downloading a PFGC Membership Application.  We would like to let you know that the club now requires either a pistol permit or a background check to become a member.  Please fill this out and hand it in at the next membership meeting with your sponsor.  We look forward to receiving your application. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIRED  

"Please be advised as of the March 2013 general meeting a wait list has begun for all new members. We have reached our cap number for new members but are still accepting applications. Please submit your application and you will be notified for dues when a opening becomes availible. At that time payment for your dues will be collected "

Click Here to download the Pointer Membership Application


Welcome New Members,

We at Pointer Fish and Game welcome you to our club.  If you have any questions, contact your sponsor or another member.  If you have any thoughts or ideas about improving the club, starting up new activities or would like to talk to someone about contributing, please feel free to contact one of the board members, talk to other members of the club and share your thinking with others.  We are constantly looking for how we can better server our members and the community.

As you join PFGC, you will be asked to join a committee.  Please review a list of our committees (click here), contact the committee chair and let them know that you would like to be a part of this committee.  The time and effort put supporting the committee events will apply towards your 8 hours mandatory volunteer time.

New Member Orientation

New Member orientations are handled by the Hunter Safety Committee.  Traditionally, orientations were held on the first Saturday morning of each month, weather permitting. The last few years, Ray would conduct the orientations the first Wednesday after the Members Meeting, weather permitting.  Currently, we are going to attempt continue as Ray has been doing so with orientations on the first Wednesday after the Members Meeting, the first Wednesday of the month.  If Wednesday evenings do not work for you, please let Ray or the Hunter Safety Committee know and we'll arrange a time that works.  Contact Rick Phichta or 622-2683 or Ray Binette for more information.

Next New Member Induction:

Please see Clem at the NEXT monthly meeting.  

Next New Member Orientation:

Orientation Class for those New Members will be held in the spring at the Pointer's Field.  Dates and times to be determined 


Range Rules - Don't forget to download, print out and turn in a signed copy of the Range Rules.   Reminder - Upon completion of the orientation, all new members must sign a copy of the range rules acknowledging that they understand them and will obey them.   Please do NOT call President Glen for field orientation information.


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