Deer Pool Notice- IMPORTANT

Deer pool contestants,

As many of you already know, Lemay’s had a tragic fire on Friday, October 6.  Due to this fire, we are no longer going to be running the deer pool from Lemay’s.  We will now be operating with a new format. 
The new format is as follows: When you register your deer at a New Hampshire registration station, you must have someone take a picture of you with your deer with your cell phone, and you must also take a picture of the recorded weight on the registration slip.  Those two pictures need to be sent to my email address at or to my cell phone at (603) 361-6509.  This new system relies even more on the “honor system” so I appreciate your honesty. I know this is not ideal and also creates one more step for the registration attendant but it is the only way we can still keep the deer pool going for the 2017 deer season.  Not all registration stations in New Hampshire have scales, but I’m guessing the extra miles it takes to find one with a scale will be fewer miles than it took to drive to Lemay’s. We really appreciate your understanding.
Rick Lemay has done a lot for the club and has always been willing to help out and now is our opportunity to give back.  If you know him or see him, offer a helping hand.  A fire like this is a big hit to a family run business but they will rebuild with the help of everyone around them.  
Thank you for your understanding and good luck hunting!
Chris Ellison